Steel beam range

Standard European steel beams, standard galvanised beams in HEA, HEB, HEM, IPN, IPE, UPN or UPE steel available in S235 and S355 or S460 steel grades. Muller Aciers also offers American beams and British steel beams as standard or to order. However, if Muller Aciers extensive catalogue of steel varieties does not include the product you are looking for, feel free to send a request detailing your specific requirements to our sales team, who will provide you with a personalised service.

Steel tube range

Muller Aciers keeps a range of round, square and rectangular steel tubes in stock, in standard (S235, S355, S420, E235, E355) and less common steel grades in line with your requirements. Whether cold-formed, hot-finished, seamless or thick-walled, thanks to our wide variety of steel tubes we can offer the perfect product for your application (gas tubing, welded or seamless; precision tubing; rolled surface or descaled; flanged tubes for metalworking, etc.). For custom products, feel free to send a request detailing your specific requirements to our sales team, who will know how to supply what you need.

Steel sections

Our portfolio of merchant bars includes all standard rolled steel profiles. Hot-rolled steels, rolled and galvanised steels, cold-roiled steels or drawn steels. Muller Aciers also offers a wide variety of steel grades from stock. We can help you find the right product for your needs, whether you are looking for steel angles, flat steel bars, steel T-sections, steel U-sections, steel L-sections, or other items. All of your specific requirements can also be sent to the sales team via our online form.

Steel sheets

We supply steel sheets and plates in thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 350 mm in standard sizes or to order in accordance with your needs. Depending on your specific requirements, we can carry out all forms of cutting, including oxycutting, laser cutting and shearing. The products are available in different surface finishes (rough, galvanised, shot-blasted and corrosion-resistant painted) as per the requirements you specify on our “Special steel products” form.

Are you looking for metallurgical products?

Muller Aciers :
your reference partner for metallurgical products

Muller Aciers can provide you with a wide selection of high-grade steel products both for all your standard requirements and for when you are seeking to meet specific requirements in terms of steel dimensions or grade. We have been a specialist steel trader since 1955 and maintain excellent relationships with the leading European steel mills. This enables us to offer you a unique range of high-grade steels from stock.